Youngest and Oldest Buyers Challenged by Housing Shortage

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a decades-long decline in the construction of single-family homes is driving the current U.S. housing shortage. This shortage of single-family homes has also strained the supply of multifamily housing.

Census Bureau statistics show:

  • 12.3 million households formed January 2012 to June 2021
  • Only 7 million single-family homes were constructed during that time

The category of homes impacted most by the decline in new-home construction is entry-level, single-family homes. Among home buyers hardest hit by this lack of inventory are millennials eager to buy their first home and seniors looking to downsize from a large family home to a more affordable and manageable smaller home.

Modular Solutions for New Home Buyers

The buying boom has dampened opportunities for first-time homebuyers, especially among middle-income families looking to buy a home as a more affordable alternative to rising rents. Unfortunately, this competition for homes, along with the 10-year downward trend in new home construction, combine to create inflated prices for homebuyers.

Impact Housing provides a quality, proven solution for new home construction. Our modular construction process produces new homes in half the time or less, and with less waste, than traditional site-built homes. This translates to lower housing delivery costs and shorter construction timelines, producing homes that can be rented or sold at more attainable price points

A happy senior couple moving boxes into or out of the back of their car. They are moving house, perhaps downsizing. They are looking at the camera, smiling.
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