Alan Solon

Chairman and CEO

Alan Solon is a co-founder, chairman and CEO of Impact Housing Group.  He is also chairman and CEO of EcoVest Capital, Inc., an Atlanta-based ESG (Economic, Social and Governance) Real Estate and Investment firm. He is responsible for the firm’s strategy, direction, and client base growth. An environmental capitalist, Solon has incorporated his philosophy into the firm’s investment strategy, seeking to achieve competitive returns for investors through socially responsible and environmentally sound choices.

Under his leadership, EcoVest has raised and deployed approximately $800 million of investor equity in both traditional and non-traditional real estate. The firm’s diversified portfolio includes acquiring and permanently protecting more than 20,000 acres of land for conservation purposes. EcoVest has also originated and partnered in the development of single-family, multifamily, seniors housing, office, adaptive reuse, and historic redevelopment projects. These investments are located in attractive, high-development value corridors throughout the United States.

Prior to forming EcoVest, Solon was chief marketing officer for SFA Holdings, Inc., including its FINRA-registered broker-dealer and SEC-registered advisory firm, where he led all revenue, product due diligence and marketing functions. He also served as president of its conservation consulting subsidiary, Conservation Resources, Inc.  Prior to that, he was president and CEO of Solon Group, a real estate development firm, as well as Solon Advertising & Marketing, a full-service advertising and marketing agency, for 20 years.

Throughout his career, Solon has focused on real estate, spending time as the managing partner and developer for a 3,000-acre golf course community in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and also as president of a real estate firm that developed nine residential mountain and coastal resort communities in North Carolina. His on-the-ground experience in real estate development and the securities industry form a strong foundation for the continued success of EcoVest Capital in serving its investors, clients, partners and employees.

Solon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the State University of New York at Geneseo. He is a frequent industry speaker and author of the forthcoming book, “The Environmental Capitalist” to be published by Forbes Books.

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