Leonardo Garcia

Director - Design & Engineering

As director of design and engineering for Impact Housing Group, Leonardo Garcia is responsible for overviewing the design and engineering process for all Impact Housing projects.  Garcia works with the Impact Housing team to ensure that the modular solutions designed meet customer project requirements and address each client’s specific needs.

Garcia is a licensed engineer (P.E.) with multiple degrees. He has worked as an architectural and structural designer in both the U.S. and Colombia, and has a strong background in projects involving reinforced concrete and wood.  Garcia has also served as an instructor and researcher focusing on technology applied to design and construction, interoperability, and characterization of innovative structural systems at the Georgia Institute of Technology and at Universidad de los Andes in Colombia.

Garcia holds bachelor’s degrees in civil engineering and architecture from the Universidad de los Andes.  He also holds a master’s degree in structural engineering, also from Universidad de los Andes.  He obtained a master’s degree in architecture, as well as a master’s degree in construction management, and a doctorate in building construction from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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