Modular Construction Options

The Cost-efficient Alternative to Traditional Construction

Construction Options

The efficiencies of modular construction represent value for a broad range of markets that require quick construction solutions combined with controlled costs, including:

  • Traditional builders seeking cost-effective, quality alternatives to the challenges of traditional construction
  • Non-profits
  • Housing authorities
  • City planners
  • Schools, colleges, and universities


Impact Housing manufacturing facilities can produce thousands of homes per year, with most homes completed in 10 days or less.

Our construction capabilities include:

  • One- and two-story single-family homes
  • Two- and three-story townhomes
  • Workforce housing
  • Student housing
  • Attached and detached housing

These homes offer the same features as homes built in the traditional on-site method, including:

  • Floor plans up to 2,000 square feet
  • A variety of floor plans
  • Same materials as site-built homes
  • Exterior and interior upgrade options comparable to on-site construction
  • Constructed to meet local building codes
  • Affixed to a permanent foundation
  • Options for exterior siding, including brick

Managing the Rising Costs of Construction

Rising construction and material costs make modular construction a cost-efficient alternative for today’s housing market. Rapidly increasing labor costs, driven by a shortage of skilled workers and a dwindling labor force, are increasing costs of traditional construction. Modular construction relies less on a skilled labor force. When combined with economies in the purchase and efficient use of construction materials, the result is a product with lower, more predictable costs than traditional on-site construction.

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