The Inside Story

Streamlined Production with Offsite Construction in a Controlled Environment

Advantages of Offsite Construction

Offsite methods for residential construction offer many advantages over the traditional construction process. These benefits can provide a streamlined path to faster construction and greater material efficiency, addressing many issues at the root of the current U.S. housing shortage.

  • No weather delays
  • “Inside” controlled environment for acclimating materials
  • No loss of materials to weather exposure
  • Easy-to-replicate assembly with repeatable results
  • Construction completed more quickly
  • No reliance on the schedules of outside contractors

Production Process

Our facilities construct homes using an assembly line process in a climate-controlled factory environment. All homes are built as modular units at specialized stations, progressing station-by-station toward completion. Just as with traditional site-built homes, modular homes are built from traditional building materials to comply with local building codes. Modules are inspected in the factory by state authorities to confirm compliance with local building codes, significantly streamlining the construction process. Once homes are on site, modular homes are indistinguishable from site-built homes.


Impact Housing manufacturing facilities can produce thousands of homes per year, with most homes completed in 10 days or less.

Our construction capabilities include:

  • One- and two-story single-family homes
  • Multifamily housing
  • Workforce housing
  • Student housing
  • Attached and detached housing

These homes offer the same features as homes built with the traditional on-site method, including:

  • Floor plans up to 2,000 square feet
  • A variety of floor plans
  • Same materials as site-built homes
  • Exterior and interior upgrade options comparable to on-site construction
  • Constructed to meet local building codes
  • Affixed to a permanent foundation
  • Options for exterior siding, including brick

Impact Housing Production Facilities

Baxley, Georgia

  • 125,000 square-foot production facility
  • 100+ employees
  • Production capacity of approximately 50 units per month

Westminster, South Carolina

  • Opening in Q4 2023
  • Estimated creation of 100+ jobs
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